Making Sun Tea: Our Thoughts

Here in the south, iced tea is a staple. There is no wonder that people have tried to develop new and interesting ways to make it. Sometimes, however, newer does not equate to better.

Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't. Making "Sun Tea" is a new trend circulating amongst groups of sun beam lovers, and we want to share our thoughts on the matter.

iced tea on the porch
This method involves placing your tea blend of choice into a gallon jar of cold or lukewarm water, and leaving it to "steep" in the sun or on a warm kitchen counter over the course of many hours in direct sunlight.
Although this may sound 'au naturale' and energy efficient, it poses a threat of bacteria growth. Without high temp waters 170 Fahrenheit and above, those bacteria will continue to thrive and then be ingested my unsuspecting tea drinkers. 


Our suggestion? Cold brew that tea blend for a slow, smooth, and bacteria free iced tea! How do you make cold brew? Great question! It's super simple and can be ready by morning.



Place your loose leaf (or bagged) tea of choice into a container of filtered water. It can be lukewarm or cold, your preference. We recommend making a stronger ratio of tea to water compared to your normal preference, as it will ultimately be served over ice.

Set it (and forget it) in the fridge for 8 hours, and voila! Yummy, smooth, cold brew tea ready for you to enjoy.

The concept of Sun Tea doesn't have to be thrown out with the bath water... though. Simply brew it cold and enjoy a glass of safely brewed tea IN the sun!


Cheers! ☀️


For more info on the origins of sun tea, we found this article to be helpful.