Hot Chocolate Boba ft. Campfire 🔥

It's fall, ya'll. In our neck of the woods, campfires and steamy cups of hot chocolate are a dynamic duo this time of year. What if you could enjoy the best of both, AND sip it through a straw with chewy boba? 🤔

🧋 ❤️ 🍫 ❤️ ☕️   

You heard that right. Today's recipe is HOT CHOCOLATE BOBA, and it's bound to become a new fall favorite. Our spin on this is the addition of steeping our campfire blend into the creamy deliciousness of a cup of cocoa. This blend packs some major flavor, with real toasted oak chips, marshmallow root, cacao nibs, and cinnamon, even marigold petals. Literally a campfire in a mug 🔥. Add hot cocoa and chewy tapioca pearls, and your tastebuds will have a hard time knowing how to thank you. 

You could enjoy a simple cup of hot cocoa this season. Or you could treat yourself to this sippable magic, either hot or chilled over ice. Hold the boba, or bring on the boba. You cannot mess this up, I promise. Without further to do...


Hot Chocolate Boba Recipe

(makes 2 rich servings)


3 CUPS      milk or dairy alternative

1/4 CUP     chocolate chips

2    TBS      cocoa powder

1    TBS      white sugar

2    TBS      Campfire blend tea

1/2 CUP     mini marshmallows


 Campfire Hot Cocoa Ingredient shot


Pour milk into a small pot, and warm on the stove until steamy. Whisk in the chocolate chips, cocoa, and white sugar until all are dissolved. Turn the burner on low, to prevent the milk from reaching above 180 degrees F, as it will scald and separate. 

While on low, pour in the loose leaf campfire blend, and whisk it in well with the cocoa mixture. Cover with lid and turn on a timer for 4 minutes.

After 4 minutes have passed, use a fine mesh strainer to strain the hot chocolate into two of your favorite mugs.

 campfire hot cocoa steeping in a pot

If enjoying warm with boba, prepare 2 servings of tapioca as instructed on the bag without rinsing in cold water at the end. Instead just cover your warm boba in simple syrup and scoop half of the tapioca into both of the empty mugs just before pouring in your cocoa. Add marshmallows on top, slide in your stainless fat straw, and enjoy!

If enjoying cold with boba, prepare 2 servings of tapioca as instructed on the bag, and chill the strained cocoa in the fridge until it reaches your desired temp. Once chilled, divide the tapioca evenly between two empty pint glasses before pouring in the chilled cocoa. Add marshmallows (and ice) if you prefer, slide in your stainless fat straw, and enjoy!


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