Iced Tea Cocktail - Sweet Smokey Whiskey

Sweet Smoke Whiskey Cocktail
What you'll need: 
Ice cubes
6-8 oz brewed and chilled Sweet Smoke tea 
1.5 oz whiskey of your choice (we used our local O4W Distillery Bourbon, but use your favorite!)
2-3 tsp simple syrup
Lemon slice
Fresh mint leaves
This cocktail is simple enough for the home-bartending beginner and refreshing enough for the most refined palate. Start with a glss of ice and pour in your tea, leaving room for the alcohol. Add the simple syrup and the jigger of whiskey then give it a quick stir. Taste to make sure the sweetness level is to your liking then garnish with a slice of lemon and few fresh mint leaves. As you drink, the mint and lemon will get stronger and it transforms the drink over time (if it lasts that long...)
If you're not a big drinker, try this light spritzer version:
Sweet Smoke Spritzer:
8 oz brewed and chilled Sweet Smoke tea
2 tsp simple syrup
Lemon slice
Fresh mint leaves
Start the same way you would with the cocktail (ice in glass, add your brewed tea) then add a couple teaspoons of simple syrup and a dash of Angostura bitters. Give it a stir and a taste then add your lemon and mint garnishes! Super refreshing way to elevate your classic iced tea.


Recipe Credit: Katie Watts (Co-Founder of Flavor Purveyor)



Cheers to you and your summertime tea adventures!