Cosmo Tea Popsicles

Fruity tisanes are a great base for a lemonade popsicle, and Cosmo pops are no exception.
Tart, sweet, pretty in pink... and odds are you have everything on hand already!

Makes: 12 popsicles (even more if your molds are on the smaller side)

What you'll need:

16 oz brewed and chilled Cosmopolitan tea

*brew stronger than usual if pouring over ice for quick cooling*

4 TBS lemon juice

4 TBS sugar (or sweetener of choice)

1 cup ripe fruit of choice (red cherries worked great for us!)

Popsicle molds (Or make your own using this DIY method)

Create your pops:

Simply dissolve your sweetener of choice with the freshly brewed Cosmo tea, and set in the fridge or freezer to chill. During the cooling process, chop your favorite ripe fruit into smaller-than-bit-sized pieces. Once cooled, add in the lemon juice to your tea mixture and stir.

Drop in your preferred amount of fruit... and fill popsicle molds with room to expand. If you would rather the fruit not sink to the bottom of the mold, you can freeze in various stages and add fruit once the mixture has become a bit icy.

Let molds freeze overnight, then enjoy!!


🍋 Pouring your brewed tea over ice can help speed up the cooling process!

🍋 Frozen treats can be harder to taste due to temperature, so we recommend making the mixture a bit more sweet and tart than you would normally prefer to drink.