How to make Royal Milk Tea (easy peasy)

Did you know that Royal Milk got its start as part of a "royal recipe" series by the Lipton company in the 1960s? Since then, this black tea blend has become a favorite beverage and bubble tea base in Japan and abroad. It's typically a blend of two black teas, Darjeeling and Assam, with a higher milk to tea ratio than many other teas.

It's creamy, smooth, invigorating, and sweet (as you like). Easy to make at home, you'll only need a few things!

Each serving simply needs:

3/4 cup water

2 heaping teaspoons loose leaf black tea

1/2 cup milk

Sweetener of choice

How to make it:

Heat your water to boiling, add tea leaves, let simmer 2 minutes, add milk

Strain your tea mixture, and add sweetener!


It's delicious served either steamy or chilled... our favorite is with tapioca pearls.



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