Meet the Team


At the heart of Flavor Purveyor is the marriage of Dustin and Katie Watts. They discovered a mutual love of tea on their first date in Washington, D.C., were inspired by the spice markets of Istanbul on their honeymoon, and started what was originally called K-Teas in Atlanta in their first year of marriage. It originally grew through selling at local Atlanta artist festivals & farmer’s markets. Since then we’ve entered larger markets and wholesaling with a wonderful and growing team of employees. 

Today we are an innovative Atlanta-based tea company who takes great pleasure in the deconstruction and building of flavor profiles, banishing added “flavors” in favor of what inspired flavors in the first place: botanicals themselves discovered by centuries of ancestors foraging the earth. In a sense, we are bringing flavor back to its roots. We’re founded in Asia's rich tea tradition and inspired by the American cocktail and European cafes and spirits. Loose-leaf teas are expertly blended to a subtle and nuanced perfection that rivals wine and craft beers. 

Every day we learn and gain more respect for where tea has traveled over the centuries. We are proud to now be a part of the story of tea, innovating into the new century in a generation of the West that is quickly acquiring a taste for tea.


Head Staff:

Garrett  //  Katie  //  Hannah



In September 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, our crew packaged roughly 10,000 kits and shipped off an entire truckload of bubble tea kits in one day. We could not do what we do without hard working, teamwork minded, INCREDIBLY RESILIENT humans, and we are so proud of every team player that has been and still is with us.
Our products are made with lots of love and belly laughter in Atlanta. From our crew to yours, CHEERS!