Traditional Yerba Mate Kit
Traditional Yerba Mate Kit
Traditional Yerba Mate Kit
Traditional Yerba Mate Kit
Traditional Yerba Mate Kit
Traditional Yerba Mate Kit
Traditional Yerba Mate Kit
Traditional Yerba Mate Kit
Traditional Yerba Mate Kit
Traditional Yerba Mate Kit

Traditional Yerba Mate Kit

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Sip, Sip, Pass
Did you know that Yerba Maté is made to be shared? Savor the natural flavors of South America from a traditional gourd and bombilla, like the locals. Discover the flavors, tools, and traditions around one of the world’s most popular beverages - no passport needed!

Like it sweet? Just add your choice of sweetener for a “maté dulce” (sweet mate). Regardless, enjoy this naturally energizing drink to get in the zone for work, socialize with friends, or switch up your caffeine at home!

What's Inside

  • Step-By-Step Beginners Guidebook
  • Fresh Yerba Maté Leaves
  • Traditional Maté Gourd
  • Bombilla
  • Straw Cleaner

We’ll walk you through exactly how to prepare yerba mate gourds as if you were in South America. The powerful herb is ready to brew raw or with your favorite sweeteners, milks, and fruits. This is the real deal. Yes, yerba maté is traditionally consumed from a hallowed-out dried gourd. Don’t fret, we will teach you how to cure and care for it. It might even become your new best friend. We've included a stainless steel bombilla, which serves as the surprisingly useful straw with a filter on the end traditionally used to drink from the gourd.


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